Sunday, October 4, 2009

Post 284...

The 60 page visual journal is finished. It was the biggest and most time consuming project I have ever done. Of all the projects I've ever done this one will stand up to time the best. I've done many projects that after a year or two I'm just done with. I don't really have any reason or desire to keep it. This journal is different. It's a record of my life that I can look back at in 15-20 years and remember what I did in my life.

I've been blogging and posting for nine months now. I've got so many ideas for what I could do next. I'm ready for a new challenge. I think I want to work on longer, more developed projects. Most of the posts so far I've completed in one day, two at the most. I want to do some large projects that require some planning and then many days to actually execute. What do I do though? What could keep me interested for several days?


  1. what ever you come up with will be grand Benjamin!

  2. Thanks GhettoFab! Whatever it's going to be I'm going to relax and do some small stuff for a week or two. Relax a little while I can. Thanks for the comments!

  3. First of all what is "Christine's Journal"???

    Second, what time does your clock say? :)

  4. "Christine's Journal" is the sketchbook you made me. I guess it's our journal, but I wasn't sure what to call it.

    Secondly, the clock has no time because I feel like I never have any time to do all this stuff.