Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I crapped my pants today...

Etsy is a wonderful thing. Way back in the middle of July I opened up my own shop. I posted 10 very different works at varying prices and prepared to make my millions. Didn't quite happen that way. Nothing moved. I didn't tell my family, except my wife, or my Blogging family. I didn't want any charity buys. I wanted to sell to someone I didn't know. About a month ago I pretty much gave up. At least stopped checking it three times a day to see if anything sold.

I came home today and low and behold, my first buyer. I have never sold my artwork before. Just given it away and hoped people liked it. It is an amazing feeling. I am reenergized. Reinvigorated. Renewed.

If you're out there Charles, thanks.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010


How long have I been doing this blog thing? Over a year and a half? How often have you seen me draw my parents? NONE! Because it SCARES me! Couldn't really tell you why, but decided it was high time to buckle down and just do it. Who am I kidding? I know why it scares me. Because I don't want to mess them up. Draw them wrong. My dad sent me a link to a podcast (see below) with an interview by Lynda Barry. She's written a couple books that I've only glanced at, What It Is, being one of them. Her main message in the interview is that we should all just create. Draw for fun without worrying about what it looks like. We are all capable of creating in our own way and that is what's important. It helped give me the courage I needed to tackle drawing my parents, people who I don't want to draw "wrong."

So, there you go mom and dad. Love you guys. Thanks for all your support!

Today's inspiration comes from a Lynda Barry podcast.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love and commitment...

I do.

I'm making a commitment. For the next month all my visual journals will be drawn using the style below (Except for the weekends, which will be my time to play artistically.). Enough of this drawing different every time. My aim, at this minute, is to draw quickly and get a memory down. This is a quick style that allows me to convey what I need to. I'm going to try it...

Later that day...

Doesn't mean I won't keep playing around with other styles though. Here's a possibility?

Today's Inspiration comes from: Scalped, Volume 1: Indian Country, by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera

Friday, September 24, 2010


My wife is a photography teacher at a high school. She had to take photographs of their Homecoming activities. I came along for the free food (She bought me a ticket.). It was great food and I had a Sprecher Cream Soda with it!

My latest inspiration: American Elf, Volume 1: The Collected Sketckbook Diaries of James Kochalka, by James Kochalka.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Drink & Draw...

Another Drink and Draw night. We cut it short tonight and left around 11PM. It was a long full week of school and we were tired.

Here's a picture of what she was working so hard on. It fit under the theme, "Old School." I think it turned out great!

When my wife saw the drawing I did of her the other day she said I drew her like that guy from Family Guy with the giant bottom jaw, James Bottomtooth. I suppose I did.

My latest inspiration: Chew, draw by Rob Guillory.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Slump Dump...

I've kind of still been drawing. Just been really lazy about posting. I could use the excuse of school starting up and being crazy busy, but that would all be a lie. Just been lazy and drawing crappy stuff I don't really want to put up. I'm done pouting though and ready to try this again.

Venison Jerky. First try at it.
Here's the real stuff precooking. Frankly it's pretty gross looking. Smells even worse than it looks.

A week later.

Those cats offer hours of laughs and entertainment. Emma went up to the DVD player at least three times as I opened the DVD door with the remote control and jumped every single time. She was very wary of the door as I continued to do open and close it.

Yes, that's suppose to be my wife and I. I didn't think much of it when she answered the Chipotle worker. After she walked away she goes, "Oh my God. I felt like I went like, 'Huhh?'" and made this really crazy face. I was trying to draw the second face she made. How she felt she answered the girl.