Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Mad Photoshop Skills

Okay, I've got no "mad Photoshop skills," but I'm getting better.

It's hard to tell, but I took my cat castle drawing from yesterday and used the top to create the new blog title. The sky didn't go that far to the right, so I had to extend it by using other pieces of sky and blending them together. Pretty cool, eh? Well, I've never done it before.

My other mad skills... I took yesterday's castle drawing, which was just a tad too big to fit on my scanner. I scanned the bottom and top and and photomerged them on Photoshop. Yeah. Crazy stuff. Check it out.

Now if you were thinking of buying this, you might ask yourself, "What would this look like framed?"


"What about a thicker black frame?"


"Okay, but what about a gold frame?"


"Well that's cool and all, but what would it actually look like in my kid's room?"


Makes you want to buy it, doesn't it? Maybe? Just a little? Well, check out my Etsy page sometime anyway. I'm trying to bring it back to life.

My mad Photoshop skills are due in part to the hilarious tutorials, "You suck at Photoshop," by Donnie Hoyle. You'll have a laugh and learn a little too.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Conehead Emma

The real Emma and Chin.

 Yesterday's drawing taken a little farther.

 And here it is finished.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fu Manchu

Gotta Love Spring Break.

I also wanted to create a few pieces to put on Etsy. I don't know what people want to buy so I just figured I'd draw whatever I want and see what happens. People buy weird stuff, right?

This is just a start. More rock and watercolor to go. There is something relaxing to me about drawing small intricate designs. The drawing is kind of modeled after Mattias. I love his sketches. They are always weird and crazy detailed.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What else have I missed?

That's right, it's Spring Break.Sadly, for my wife, her break isn't until the end of April. That's great for me though because I can sit around and draw all day! Here's what I did today...

Now I realize I've been out of the comic book world for a few years. I'm  catching up and finding cool things I can rent from the library for free. In doing this I stumbled upon "The Umbrella Academy," written by Gerard Way and drawn by Gabriel Ba. I'll admit the story was a little strange and the story was a little broken up at times, but I liked the overall idea and characters. Besides, it had a character with a gorilla body and human head! How could I not like that???

Here's a progression of Spaceboy.

He was a lot of fun to draw. I wish I had made his gorilla body larger and more exaggerated.

Anybody out there have suggestions for other cool books I might have missed in the last five years?

Here's a Visual Journal from last week. The OCB is my usual choice for a birthday dinner. Pure gluttony.My wife likes to make fun of me because everything on my plate always seems to be brown or yellow.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cat Puke Thoughts Continued...

Am I crazy? I don't think so. Case Closed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wine Label Process

My father-in-law turned sixty last Wednesday. He also owns a winery with his twin brother. My wife is throwing them a party at the winery and I wanted to make some labels for him and have a little fun with it too.

Here's how it all began...

Couple thumbs to try different poses and colors.

Quick study done in a more realistic style.

Measured out the label size, penciled it in, and then inked.

Add watercolor...

With my wife's help (Really, she did it all.), she scanned them in, added text to a few, and sized them so we could print them for labels. We made a bunch of blank ones so family and friends at the party can write speech bubbles with him saying things. It was a great night.

Check out the new blog banner at the top too. Getting a little better at photoshop, with the help of my wife.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Angel Fish

I was working on an Angel Fish painting slowly over a few evenings.

I came to look at it the next evening and found this next to it.

My wife had drawn a picture of herself in pencil next to it! I thought it was cute and watercolored it in.

Here's an idea of what my pages looked like filled in.

It's Friday!!!