Friday, December 25, 2009


I've learned many things from my wife, but one of the more important things is is an art.

It's also one of those arts I'm not very talented at. I gave it a whirl tonight and made some "Chocolate Covered Cake Balls." Mmmm. I hate cooking, but it's always easier with a little wine.

Below you can see the wine we drank as we waited for the white chocolate to melt in the double boiler.

This is the finished product. On the outside you can see the semi-sweet chocolate covered in white chocolate. Nothing fancy, but it's the inside where the magic happens. On the inside there is crumbled cake mixed with frosting to make it thicker. You bite into these things that have a hard outside layer and then get the taste and texture of this soft, moist, sweet inside. Below is the finished product.

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