Thursday, December 30, 2010

Influence Map

Creating this Influence Map was time consuming, but caused me to reconsider where I thought my influences come from. I was surprised by what I learned about myself as I did this. I encourage others to go through this process too.

1. Humberto Ramos has been my biggest influence over the years. I always seem to come back to him when I'm trying to find my drawing style. DV8 was the first exposure I had to him. I read Crimson, Revelations, and others after that.
2. The Blogging Community has been huge. It's what got me back into drawing. Sam Spina (Spina Doodles), Matt Graupman (Spinadoo Comics), Jim Mahfood (Food One), and Urban Sketchers are just a few of the blogs I follow and check every single day.
3. James Kochalka (American Elf) has taught me that craft is the enemy. Just draw about everyday moments, don't be afraid, and enjoy the process.
4. Kaare Andrews I stumbled upon by accident. I only ever read a few of his comics when he was illustrating Gen13. His facial expressions and body language amazed me though. I drew and redrew his artwork all throughout college.
5. J. Scott Campbell was one of the first artists that got me into comics at the beginning of high school. I loved Gen 13 and have enjoyed seeing his artwork and style change over the years.
6. Joe Madureira seemed like such a different way of drawing when I first saw his work in X-men. Haven't seen much of his stuff lately. 
7. Norman Rockwell influences everybody doesn't he?
8. Wetworks #2, drawn by Whilce Portacio, is the comic that got me obsessed with comics. I saw that cover and had to look inside. I never really tried to emulate Whilce's style. I definitely liked it, but it was the story and art that really got me interested. This is the book that made me want to draw.

Doing this Influence Map made me realize that many of my favorite artists are from the mid nineties. Only a few, notably Ramos, are still drawing tons today. Jeez. I'm out of touch, I guess. 

It also made me realize that I'm still interested in storytelling, but not with comic books. Memoirs, visual journals, sketchbook diaries, blogging, whatever you want to call it, are what interest me now. 

My wife also pointed out that I must have been influenced by boobs. Still am, too.


  1. (1) I thought I was the only one who read/owns any of Ramos' "Crimson" run.

    (2) I'm honored you'd include my goofy stuff in your influences. Thanks.

    (3) I think if you're into non-superhero comics, you have to like Kochalka.

    (4) Joe Mad now works in the video game design field. Good for him but back for comic fans.

    (5) Kaare Andrews has a real Frank Cho-esque style. Check out Cho's "Liberty Meadows" comics, if you haven't already.

    (6) What's not to like about boobs?

  2. You are more of an influence than you realize. You do some great work, push yourself to try new things, and take the time to post comments on my page and lots of other people's pages too. It means a lot.

    I almost put Frank Cho up as an influence. I loved Liberty Meadows and actually met the guy at a signing years and years ago.