Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deer Camp Wine...

Another image has been drawn for the Deer Camp Wine label. This has been a fun, but laborious process. I became very aware of the process today and will show some different scans of the work in progress. This has been fun for many reasons. I haven't done something this finished in a long time. It ends up looking way better than I thought it could. And I get to see how much I've improved over the past six months.

Yesterday's really rough sketches at the bottom of the page of the "Sleeping Hunter."

Yesterday's, light red pencil lines, trying to position everything.

Defined red lines and penciled over them to solidify them even more for inking.

Started inking over penciled lines.

Fulling inked and showing random red pencil lines.

Black and white scan that gets rid of the red pencil lines. Now it just needs some lettering!

Dad, thanks for the idea! Christine, thanks for allowing me to lock myself away in my office on the day you find out you have a job for next year. YEA!!!

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