Sunday, January 24, 2010

No bad luck...

It was a spectacular fall. If it had been taped I probably would have won $10,000 on Funniest Home Videos. A lot of thoughts can go through your head in a split second. All of a sudden I knew I was going down, then I thought I had saved myself, and then I knew there was nothing I could do. Somehow I managed not to break the mirror part, but completely busted the "wood" frame, which was really some kind of cheap pressed cardboard. I'm not sure there's any fixing it.

On a side note, my wife is awesome. So awesome that three of her photographs were picked to be shown at the Kohler Art Center, Eight Counties exhibit. Out of 500 artists and 1,550 submissions, she got chosen. How cool is that? I'm so proud of her. She is my inspiration for my art and this whole blogging thing.

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