Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A day late...

Sorry mom! Thanks for keeping me honest. Here's what I got from last week...

A drew a pretty leaf!I've actually always wanted to try drawing a leaf, but haven't really gotten around to it. My father in law needed a leaf for a wine label. It was a "Red Wine Blend" that he flavored with oak chips. So, I drew an oak leaf. Here are the finished labels along with my wife's awesome "Bandit Owl" label for the Black Raspberry wine we made in our basement.
I also did some people watching/sketching while at a spelling bee for two of my students. "Arcane" and "apathy" are the words that finally got them out. I don't think I could have spelled those when I was in the fifth grade.
The wife and I went to Barnes and Noble on Friday night. It was memorable to say the least.
We've also been working hard on the bathroom remodel. My wife is the grouter. The shower floor is all tiled and now I can attack the curb. This will be all done one day.
Emma tried to help out, but got distracted by the water in the bucket. Something strange about that cat and water.

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  1. Haha. That's a great post. I really enjoyed "I drew a pretty leaf". :)

    Also, what can I say, I don't want your delicate ears to hear something nasty!