Sunday, February 27, 2011

Science Fairs, Birthdays, and Visual Journals

Part of my wife's job is to take pictures for school events and I go along with her sometimes. On Saturday we went to a Science Fair and I doodled while she took pictures. The drawing below is a combination of a couple judges rolled into one.

We had planned beforehand that we would eat at BD's Mongolian Grill afterward because my wife had a birthday coupon for a free meal. I was starving and couldn't wait till we got there, so I drew about it.

I've been holding onto the drawing below for a while. I finished it at the end of January, but it was a gift for my dad. I finally saw him today, a month later, and was able to give it to him, so now I can post about it. Below is the finished piece and some of the old pictures I used for reference.

I'm the kid in the red jacket and that's my dad with the beard. In the background is a coup my dad built for homing pigeons that he raised. I don't have many memories of it, but I always enjoy hearing him talk about it.

Next, is my second visual journal for the week. When my parents visited today they gave us this thing called, "Zoom Groom" for brushing our cats.

My wife brushed Chin with it and the amount of cat hair that came off was insane! If you have a cat, buy a Zoom Groom.


  1. The "Zoom Groom" is Funny as heck.

    I, of course, also enjoyed seeing the reference photos for your Dad's gift. You choose well to combine them the way you did.

  2. Thanks! I think the painting of my dad and I is my best watercoloring yet. It was fun trying to piece all the pictures together into one.