Monday, March 28, 2011

What else have I missed?

That's right, it's Spring Break.Sadly, for my wife, her break isn't until the end of April. That's great for me though because I can sit around and draw all day! Here's what I did today...

Now I realize I've been out of the comic book world for a few years. I'm  catching up and finding cool things I can rent from the library for free. In doing this I stumbled upon "The Umbrella Academy," written by Gerard Way and drawn by Gabriel Ba. I'll admit the story was a little strange and the story was a little broken up at times, but I liked the overall idea and characters. Besides, it had a character with a gorilla body and human head! How could I not like that???

Here's a progression of Spaceboy.

He was a lot of fun to draw. I wish I had made his gorilla body larger and more exaggerated.

Anybody out there have suggestions for other cool books I might have missed in the last five years?

Here's a Visual Journal from last week. The OCB is my usual choice for a birthday dinner. Pure gluttony.My wife likes to make fun of me because everything on my plate always seems to be brown or yellow.


  1. Man, Umbrella Academy was so good, especially because I kinda hate My Chemical Romance, but Gerard Way knows how to write a pretty addictive story. And that Gabriel Ba art? Amazing! Your Spaceboy is great.

    I just finished Daytripper by Gabriel Ba and his brother and it was wonderful! You should also check out Black Hole by Charles Burns and Eleanor Davis' The Secret Science Alliance And The Copycat Crook. They're all wildly different from one another but all really good.

  2. Thanks Matt, I'll check those books out.