Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wine Label Process

My father-in-law turned sixty last Wednesday. He also owns a winery with his twin brother. My wife is throwing them a party at the winery and I wanted to make some labels for him and have a little fun with it too.

Here's how it all began...

Couple thumbs to try different poses and colors.

Quick study done in a more realistic style.

Measured out the label size, penciled it in, and then inked.

Add watercolor...

With my wife's help (Really, she did it all.), she scanned them in, added text to a few, and sized them so we could print them for labels. We made a bunch of blank ones so family and friends at the party can write speech bubbles with him saying things. It was a great night.

Check out the new blog banner at the top too. Getting a little better at photoshop, with the help of my wife.

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