Saturday, July 23, 2011

All is well...

My wife was having some pain near her hip/stomach area and couldn't straighten up to walk normally or even move her right leg without excruciating pain. We know she has two kidney stones and we were worried they might be on the move and causing her pain. The wait at the first hospital was horrible. It was jam packed and not one person was called back while we were there for that hour. Meanwhile people are throwing up next to us, listening to horrible music on their phones, without headphones, so everyone one in the room has to hear it. It was awful. We said, "Screw it." and drove 20 minutes to a different hospital in the burbs and we were seen immediately. It was bizarre.

Turns out the pain was not from kidney stones, but more than likely a pulled/strained muscle that runs from her leg, through her abdomen and connects to the top of her pelvis. She's doing much better today and able to walk around kind of normal again.

Our realtor is an interesting woman. It's hard to tell from the drawing, but we were all in the same room at the time. She heard the home inspector say he was going to test it and she still screamed at the top of her lungs when it went off.

The main reason we didn't go garage saling is because it rained yesterday morning. We got a lot done though.

Want to see the coolest chair ever made? It seats four! Check it out.