Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ellie McDoodle...

I'm doing an independent study about visual journaling for my Masters. For part of it I'm researching different ways for kids to possibly journal. I'm looking at books they read and other artists that I like. One of the first kid's books I'm looking at is Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen, Will Travel.

Here is a page from her book that I used as inspiration.

Here's what I created.
My wife is insane over sushi. She'll beg, plead, and "convince" me to drive 20 minutes away to this place. For amazing sushi, all that food, and just paying $23.00, it's a pretty good deal and I always enjoy it once I get there.


  1. Haha (Sarcastically), and LOL (Seriously).

    I enjoyed that one, but I still like your typical rendering of me better :)

    And yes people, SUSHI IS DELICIOUS!

  2. That's awesome. You can tell your wife likes sushi more than you because her smile is so much bigger than yours :D

  3. Sushi is definitely delicious, but my wife loves it probably more than any other person could. Thanks for the comments!