Saturday, June 19, 2010

I love my toys and they love me...

My wife's cousins talk about how they go to garage sales and find ridiculously awesome stuff for real cheap. They'll spend a whole day going to garage sales and make it a family event or even a date. My wife and I have garage sales every summer and I was skeptical that other people would sell anything more exciting than what we had. Not one of my deepest thoughts, but there you have it.

It's summer vacation for my wife and I and she heard from her cousin about a garage sale put on by a retiring art teacher. Her being an art teacher and us both liking art, this sounded like the mother load of awesome. Ended up being lame, but on a whim we decided to hit up some garage sales on the way home.

Well, this was a life changing event. I now understand how people can fill there houses with stuff and appear on an episode of Hoarders. Let's not dwell on this though. Let's talk about the cool stuff I found for next to nothing.

Sixteen vintage Star Wars figures and a carrying case. All for the low, low price of $10! In the blink of an eye I owned more Star Wars figures than when I was a kid. What a bizarre event it was too. We walked up to this meager garage sale and strike up a conversation with this 21 year old girl who owns the house and just won't stop talking. My wife mentions I'm looking for Star Wars figures and she invites us into her house and up into her steaming hot attic that is full from wall to ceiling with boxes that were apparently her grandpa's. While digging through crappy Star Wars puzzles the lady is going on and on about how she has no pores and can't sweat. I pull out the stuff I bought and she says, "How about $30?" It was obvious she didn't care about the stuff and I talked her down to $10. (Thank you to my wife. She's teaching me how to haggle. It's an art I don't understand.) The lady tells me that when we walk down I have to lie to her mother-in-law about what I bought. I stuff all the figures in the case and sure enough the mother-in-law asks what's in there. "It's a carrying case," I reply. Technically not a lie. My wife makes small talk as I resist the urge to run.

I can't remember the last time I had a rush like that and I am now hooked on garage sales.
My haul.

We'll see you tomorrow folks. Time to go watch The Ultimate Fighter Finale and have a glass of wine out of my giant Rumple Minze mug (Cost me a whole $1 at a garage sale today!).


  1. Awesome haul, man. I particularly like your comic on the computer screen behind your new figures. Very "meta"-comics. And that is one giantmug; good luck remembering the finale after drinking out of that sucker.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Wasn't really sure what to have on my screen, but that seemed appropriate. I ended up drinking my wine out of a normal glass. The giant mug was a little too out of control.

  3. Awesome post! I am so excited to hear you are hooked!! Sorry the art teacher rummage blew, but the best ones are the ones you find on a whim. The star wars figures are high on the list of BEST RUMMAGE FIND EVER!
    I just love that everything has a story! I am sure you gave that huge mug a story after having a couple rounds of wine out of it!

  4. No worries about the art teacher rummage. It led to quite an adventure and got me to try rummaging! It is fun to have a story go with your items. It makes the object all the more fun.