Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nature is merciless...

This all happened at my parents house. Baby birds are some of the weirdest looking things you've ever seen. You often hear people say that all baby animals are cute. This creature hadn't quite gotten to that stage. With no feathers, transparent skin, and a huge blue belly this thing was far from cute. I still felt bad for it. He probably would have just baked on the concrete. Hopefully he just fell out and wasn't pushed out by mom for some reason. I'd ask my parents if they ever saw the bird on the ground again, but they'd probably lie to me no matter what and say it lived a happy fruitful life. I'm fine with lies.
My wife snapped a shot of me putting the bird back in the nest without me knowing.

Some warm up sketches as I watched Jumper.


  1. That's some good karma for you, dude. The drawing of the baby bird in the second panel is aces; your artwork has progressed so much since last year. You should be very proud.

  2. That is beautiful! I hope the bird lived. I once tried to save a baby bird once too, a cat had gotten ahold of it, but I watched it die in my hands... very sad. Nature is indeed merciless. Beautiful comic! Glad I discovered you!!!

  3. Thanks for the compliments Matt. I was happy with the baby bird panel too. I was worried before I drew it because the bird was so odd looking. I messed my arms up something fierce in the third panel, but it's getting better everyday.

    Hi, Robin! Welcome, and let me know what you think of things along the way.