Thursday, September 23, 2010

Five years and counting...


  1. My wife and I had our ten year (?!) first-date-iversary earlier this year. Back then it was a VHS (?!?!) viewing of American Beauty and a make-out session on my parent's couch :D We've been married almost eight years and have two beautiful sons. I wish the same happiness for you, brother.

    By the way, WTF is "McDonald's Day"?!

  2. Yeah, McDonald's day??

    this is very sweet and what, you didn't remember? GEt it together, man!

  3. Oh, I remembered, Robin. I was just messing with her. Some things I know better than to forget.

    McDonald's Day is just made up. She has this endearing quality of asking me opened ended questions that I usually answer with "Big Mac" in some witty way. McDonald's Day would probably include large fries, 2 Big Macs, and a Mello Yello. Mmmm...