Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jury Duty

How did jury duty go, you ask? Just fine. I sat all day.

There were two rooms to sit and wait in. The quiet room, where I could work at a table, or the auditorium, that showed movies and T.V. the whole time. I wanted the quiet room because then I could set my sketchbook on the table and face people and draw them. I walked into the room and quickly turned around when I noticed a parent of one of the students I taught a few years back. At parent/teacher conferences he continually referred to his son as being a stud. The kid was ten. I decided to avoid him so ended up watching "The Proposal" (Not too horrible), more episodes of Friends then I have ever seen (2), and drawing the back of people's heads.

It wasn't bad all in all. I got a free pass to the museum and saw "Samson" the gorilla, dinosaurs, and got surrounded by butterflies. Not only that, but I drew all day and got some school work done.

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