Saturday, January 8, 2011

Night of Sci-Fi

Friday night was an intense viewing of sci-fi. My wife was off with her girls so I had the house and TV to myself. It started off with The Animatrix, followed by Repo Men, and finished off with Doomsday. The last was pretty awful, but the wine I was drinking made it passable. Repo Men, was pretty cool, but the scene at the end where they blow up the computer was ridiculously stupid.

While watching I added a little more to the collage, but mostly relaxed, so it's not even worth posting. Today, I woke up and was still thinking about the movie, Repo Men, so I drew myself kind of as one of the characters. I used a pose from Cory Walker's, Scatchblag, and went from there.


  1. I like the wash you are using in the background. Green was a good color to add some contrast without taking away from the rest of the piece.